Guildford Grammar School

In 1896 Mr. Charles Harper established the school in his home, situated on some one hundred hectares, to cater for the educational needs of his own children and those of the surrounding district.

It is now well over a century the school still continues the ideals of its founder.

Our Purpose
The full realisation of the potential of each student in our care.

Our Values
At Guildford Grammar School students and staff are guided by the following interlinked set of values:

  • Showing respect for each other and our environment
  • Acting with honesty and integrity in all we do
  • Taking responsibility for our own actions
  • Demonstrating compassion for the needs of others
  • Achieving to the best of our individual potential
  • Realising spiritual growth
  • Displaying citizenship as a valued member of the community

Our Vision

We will give overall priority to equipping each student with a balanced set of skills to meet tomorrow’s challenges. The interlinked core competencies are:


Guildford Grammar School students will be prepared for the future, with the capacity to embrace opportunity, and the resilience to cope with adversity. The underpinning attributes include:

  • The ability to set and pursue personal goals.
  • Leadership and team skills.
  • Personal awareness and social skills, including gender relationships.
  • The skills and motivation to study, learn and solve problems.
  • Preparedness for further stages of education or workplace achievements.


At A Glance

City, State Perth, Western Australia
School Type Preparatory (coeducational day school)
Senior (all boys, day and boarding)
Religion Anglican
Established since 1892
Year Level Preparatory to Year 12
School population 1000


Interested, Whats Next? 

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