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The Geneva Business School is part of an established group of learning institutions which includes some of the most renowned and the most progressive schools in Switzerland.  Some of its members, like St. George’s School in Clarens, the first english school in Switzerland since 1927. Another member, LInguaVIva GBS, created in 1976, provides language lessons in GBS Geneva, and is the only TOEFL Exam center in the Geneva Region. Geneva Business School is currently existing in different countries. With a Campus in Barcelona (Spain) and in Moscow (Russia).Others campuses will soon be opening in Casablanca (Morocco) and in Dubaï (U.A.E).

Anyone in venture capital will tell you the following, "When you are investing in something, you are not just buying the product, but the people behind it." The idea behind business management and finance education may always be the same, but it is the implementation which will make or break your business. Geneva Business School offers a solid education which thrives on achieving the most important goals in business management and finance education.  

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