Cambridge Tutors College

CTC was founded in 1958 by Roger Osborne, a graduate of Cambridge University. Since then we have grown into one of the UK’s leading international Colleges as our reputation for academic excellence has spread globally.


Careful monitoring of academic progress and weekly subject testing lie at the heart of CTC’s commitment to high academic standards and our secret has been to keep class sizes small at no more than 9 and base our teachings on the tutorial style started by Roger Osborne all those years ago.  It is an approach that works and our exam results are consistently very high. In 2015, 56% of A-Levels taken were awarded an A or A* grade.

As a sixth form college, we provide A-level and GCSE courses across a wide range of challenging and enjoyable subjects. What makes us different is our tutor style approach to teaching, maximum class sizes of 9, our adult focussed environment that students enjoy after school and how we foster an international understanding and outlook through welcoming students from both the UK and overseas.


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